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mardi 15 mai 2012

This is the story of Proot, the cowboy hat.

      In the glommy sun of the farest west ever, was a cowboy. A simple man who had a simple life. And a passion for cows. As a cowboy, this was a pretty handy passion. But one day, after a severe tornado, his herd was decimated. The cowboy was in despair. He decided that his career was over. And he threw down his hat.

      Proot was knocked out. Its leather skin ripped. On the back. The hour had come … well, it believed it. A pink car was crossing the desert. In its direction. At a tremendous speed. Soon. The car was closer and closer. Heavy dust clouds were now completely visible. The tires passed close. Proot peeled of the ground. Blowing away on the head of the driver.

      "Hey ! What ?" and after a quick look in the rear view mirror "Oooh yeaah !!!".

      There is no dead-end, just new beginnings ...

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